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How are hollow cement bricks made?


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1. Cement brick formula:

1. Clay: It should contain a certain amount of loose particles to facilitate mixing with cement. Clay with less sand content can be mixed with sand in the soil. Clay that contains less sand and is relatively hard must be ground before adding sand.

2. Cement: Mixed with 10% No. 425 ordinary Portland cement.

3. Admixture: add a small amount of admixture (strengthener).

4. Water: Use appropriate amount of water.

2. Cement brick production process operations:

1. Mixing time: 20 minutes for dry mixing and 20 minutes for wet mixing so that the material does not agglomerate. The appropriate storage time for the mixed materials is about 2 hours.

2. Molding pressure: The best pressure when molding clay cement bricks is 500 kilograms per square centimeter.

3. Maintenance conditions: Clay cement bricks are generally protected by solar energy. If the curing site is small, clay cement bricks can be shipped from the factory after 7 days of natural curing.



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