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The process of burning-free bricks


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The process of burning-free bricks:

1. Ingredients → Mixing → Conveying → Feeding → Forming → Transportation → Stacking → Maintenance → Finished products

2. Loading machine→mixer→belt conveyor→brick press→brick→maintenance→finished product→factory delivery

Brick-free equipment:

1. Complete production equipment: brick press, roller machine, loading machine, conveyor.

2. The non-burning brick production line includes conveyors, roller mixers, feeders, eight-hole disc rotary brick presses,

Electric control box, etc.

3. New type of fully automatic maintenance-free brick machine equipment system: the main equipment includes batching machine, mixing machine

machine, forming machine, lifting system, sub-car system, mother car system, lowering and palletizing system, etc.

1. Batching machine. Using computer control, you can enter a column of formulas according to the selection of different raw materials.

menu for automatic metering and then transferring the material into the mixer;

2. Blender. It is suitable for forced mixing and mixing of various concrete product materials.

The materials are fed into the molding machine by the conveyor;

3. Block forming machine. It is intelligently controlled by PLC computer and adopts hydraulic transmission and vibration pressure forming.

Computer control can randomly adjust parameters according to the needs of producing different products and materials. Each action echoes and interlocks with each other, making it safe and stable. Automatic prompts for random monitoring faults and human-machine dialogue.

According to the user's production requirements, different types and specifications of molds can be used to produce various concrete wall blocks, porous bricks, parking lot grass bricks, pavement bricks and water conservancy and hydraulic products, etc., realizing one machine with multiple uses;

4. Lifting board system. Adopting mechanical synchronous transmission, the product is promoted smoothly and is controlled by PLC main computer.

Raise the formed product to level 10

5. Child and mother vehicle systems. It is controlled by PLC main computer and uses the same frequency converter to control sub-vehicles and

The operation of the mother car realizes low-speed start and high-speed operation. After reaching the position, it automatically decelerates, brakes and stops, and enters the products into the curing kiln for curing. At the same time, it goes to another curing kiln road to transport the cured products to the plate lowering machine;

6. Plate lowering and palletizing system. The child and mother cars take out the products from the curing kiln and send them to the plate lowering machine.

The pallets are palletized by the lowering machine, and the products are transported to the finished product yard by forklifts. The entire line can be controlled manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically, realizing a fully automatic production line integrating machinery, electricity, and hydraulics.

4. The complete set of equipment for the fully automatic production line of burn-free cement bricks mainly includes:

1. Crushing equipment

For example, raw materials with relatively large particles of construction waste need to be crushed with a crusher to meet the raw material requirements for brick making.

2. Batching equipment

The various raw materials are mixed in the batching machine according to a certain proportion, and electronic batching is more accurate and reasonable.

3. Mixing equipment

A concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, sand and gravel aggregates and water into a concrete mixture. It is mainly composed of mixing drum, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame and supporting device.

Purpose: Transport the ingredients prepared in the batching machine to the mixer through the conveyor to make the raw materials more uniform.

4. Molding machine

Fully automatic brick making machine, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration, stable equipment performance and high output.

5. Palletizer

The palletizer, also known as the stacker, can automatically stack finished bricks, saving labor and having high efficiency. It is a supporting equipment for the fully automatic large-scale brick machine production line.



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