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EX4-25 automatic block making machine

Exmork EX4-25 concrete block machine is with automatic operation and big vibration for blocks with high strength and it can produce different sizes of hollow blocks, solid bricks, interlocking pavers, hourdis, and habiterra block by changing molds.



1. Automatic and Big Vibration: Exmork EX4-25 concrete block machine is with Automatic Operation and Big Vibration for blocks with high strength

2. multi-function: Exmork EX4-25 automatic cement concrete block making machine can produce different sizes of hollow blocks, solid bricks, interlocking pavers, hourdis, habiterra block by changing molds.

3. Easy Installation and Operation: we will transport EX4-25 cement concrete block making machine as whole one. You only need connect your electricity line with EX4-25 vibration block making machine, then machine can work. Detailed manual and videos are available.

4. Suitable for industrial block business.

Detailed Introduction of Exmork EX4-25 Automatic Concrete Block Making Line

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AJQ500 Pan MixerMixing raw material including cement, sand, stone
B6m Belt ConveyorCarrying Mixed material from mixer to Block machine
CEX4-25 block machineProduce different sizes of blocks by changing molds
DAutomatic ControlAutomatic PLC Control for block machine
EBlock SweeperCarry fresh block from block machine to stacker
FAutomatic StackerStacking 2-3 pallet fresh blocks

Production Capacity

Exmork EX4-25 automatic vibration cement concrete block making machine has different production capacities for different sizes of blocks, bricks, paving blocks and hourdis. The following production capacities are for some popular sizes of blocks, bricks, hourdis and interlocking pavers.

No.Block SizeProduction CapacityPhoto of Block

Hollow/Solid Block

 400*200*200mm (8 Inch)

4 blocks in one time

576 blocks in one hour

4608 blocks in 8 hours


Hollow/ Solid Block

 400*150*200mm (6 inch)

5 blocks in one time

720 blocks in one hour

5760 blocks in 8 hours


Hollow/ Solid Block

 400*120*200mm (5 inch)

6 blocks in one time

864 blocks in one hour

6912 blocks in 8 hours


Hollow/ Solid Block

 400*100*200mm (4 inch)

7 blocks in one time

1008 blocks in one hour

8064 blocks in 8 hours

5Hourdis 500*150*200mm5 hourdis in one time

720 hourdis in one hour

5760 hourdis in 8 hours


Interlocking paver


14 pavers in one time

2016 pavers in one hour

16128 pavers in 8 hours


Interlocking paver


12 pavers in one time

1728 pavers in one hour

13824 pavers in 8 hours


Interlocking paver


8 pavers in one time

1152 pavers in one hour

9216 pavers in 8 hours


Designs of Blocks, Bricks and Pavers for Your Reference:

block making machine (1).png

Technical Information

Exmork EX4-25 automatic concrete hollow block making machine

Forming Cycle25 Second
Vibration Frequency4200r/minute
Vibration Force55KN
Pallet Size880*550*20mm
Machine Size3800*2200*2300mm
Shaded Area50m2
Land Area200-500m2
Worker Number4-5 Workers

Exmork JQ500 Cement Concrete Pan Mixer

ModelJQ500 Mixer
Thickness of Steel10mm
Diameter of Pan1200mm
Quantity of cement in one mixing time50KG cement in one time

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