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Market application of concrete paving bricks


Concrete pavement bricks are commercial concrete products such as bricks and slabs used for pavement and ground engineering, which are produced by mixing, molding, curing and other processes with cement, aggregate and water as the main raw materials.

Concrete pavement bricks are divided into ordinary concrete pavement bricks and special-shaped concrete pavement bricks (including concrete interlocking blocks) according to their shapes; concrete pavement bricks and concrete road panels according to their specifications and sizes; concrete pavement bricks with surface layer and full-body concrete pavement bricks according to their constituent materials.

Product Features

Concrete pavement bricks are a new type of pavement and ground material that is prefabricated in the factory and laid on site, integrating functions, landscape and environmental protection. Compared with traditional concrete and asphalt pavement, it has the following three characteristics.

〔1〕Multi-function. Compared with the rigid concrete pavement poured as a whole, it is laid in small blocks and filled with fine sand between the blocks. Therefore, it has the unique function of "rigid appearance, flexible connection", good anti-deformation performance, and is especially suitable for flexible foundations with large deformation. In municipal construction, due to poor planning, sewers are buried one moment and gas pipelines and cable pipes are laid the next. If the road surface is poured with concrete as a whole, the excavation and repair work and cost are quite large. However, concrete pavement bricks are laid in small pieces and the gaps are filled with fine sand, which makes them very easy to remove. After the pipeline is laid, the original bricks can still be used, which is equivalent to installing a "zipper" on the road. Since concrete pavement bricks are prefabricated in the factory and laid on site, they are easy to construct, maintain and repair, and can be put into use immediately after laying. However, the commercial concrete pavement poured as a whole must be maintained for a certain number of days after repair, and can only be put into use when the strength reaches the specified requirements.

〔2〕Landscape. Concrete pavement bricks have various shapes, and the appearance can be natural or colored. The pavement can be built into various colorful patterns, which are in harmony with the surrounding buildings and landscapes.

〔3〕Environmental protection. Concrete pavement bricks have a "breathing function" and can be built into a permeable pavement. When it rains, the water on the road surface can quickly seep into the ground through the sand gaps between the blocks to maintain the groundwater level. When the weather is hot and the air is dry, groundwater can evaporate into the atmosphere through the sand cracks, keeping the air at a certain humidity and automatically adjusting the air humidity, which is very beneficial to soil moisture conservation and vegetation protection in cities.

Main uses of concrete pavement bricks

Sidewalks and pedestrian streets in cities; 2) Squares and parking lots; 3) Coastal avenues on lakes, rivers, seaports, etc.; 4) Parking lots at gas stations on highways and transition zones from highways to parking lots; 5) Driveways and parking lots of infrastructure such as ports and docks.



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