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Raw materials for brick making machine


There are many raw materials for the no-fire brick making machine, such as sand, stone powder, cement, fly ash, coal gangue, water slag, construction waste, etc. In summary, any raw material that can be combined with cement can be used for the no-fire brick making machine. Production of unfired bricks.
How to prepare ingredients? In fact, there is no standard recipe. The key is to look at the specific conditions in your local area. If you have some raw materials, you don’t have to spend money. Of course, you can use more, and the more expensive ones can be relatively less. The cement content is generally 8%-10%. If you mainly use fly ash or stone powder (also known as low-grade cement), the cement content can be slightly reduced and the bricks made will be relatively better. However, it is recommended that you use a mixture of powdered raw materials and granular raw materials, which will combine better and save some cement, thus reducing the cost of raw materials.

Several recipes for non-fired bricks:
1. Fly ash bricks with no-fire brick formula:
30% coal ash, 30% slag, 30% stone saltpeter, 8-10% cement, and 0.2% rock sand essence. (100kg/cm2 plus 8% cement, 150kg/cm2 plus 10% cement)
2. Stone saltpeter brick:
Stone powder 60%, stone saltpeter 3%, cement 8-10%, quicklime 3%, ash powder 0.2%.
3. River sand bricks:
① 60% river sand, 30% stone powder, 10-15% cement, 0.5% mortar.
②0.2% ash powder king, 0.2% early strength agent, 0.2% potassium chloride. (Choose one)
4. No-fire brick formula shale brick (after crushing):
Shale 90%, cement 8-10%, rock sand 0.2%, potassium chloride 0.2%.
5. The formula ratio of gold-iron ore powder for non-burning bricks:
60% gold iron ore powder, 30% stone powder, 10-15% cement, 0.2% rock sand essence, 0.2% potassium chloride, and 0.2% early strength agent.
6. Non-burning brick formula with high content of fly ash bricks:
60% fly ash, 30% slag, 8-10% cement, 0.2% rock sand essence, 0.2% early strength agent.
7. Basic formula: 10% cement (32.5 or 42.5 grade cement), sand: 40% (general construction sand), gravel: 50% (diameter less than 8mm).




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