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Hollow brick production process


The production process of hollow bricks generally includes the following steps:

1. Raw material preparation: The raw materials of hollow bricks are mainly mixed with sand, cement, gypsum, etc. First, the raw materials need to be prepared to ensure the quality and proportion of the raw materials.

2. Mixing: Put the pre-weighed raw materials such as sand, cement and gypsum into the mixer for sufficient mixing to ensure that the various raw materials can be evenly mixed to form a mortar-like mixture.

3. Molding: The mixed mortar will be sprayed into a special mold through a spray system. The design of the mold can be customized according to the needs of the product, so hollow bricks of different specifications and shapes can be produced.

4. Compounding: After a period of flow and vibration, the mortar will gradually solidify. At this time, the outer layer of the solidified mortar needs to be covered with a thin layer of mortar to enhance the strength and density of the brick body.

5. Demolding: After a certain period of curing, the completed hollow brick will be removed from the mold. The mold is usually made of special materials to ensure that the shape and surface quality of the brick body will not be damaged during demolding.

6. Baking: The hollow bricks taken out need to be baked to remove moisture from the mortar and enhance the strength of the brick body. The baking time and temperature need to be determined according to the specific brick requirements.

7. Packaging: The baked hollow bricks will be quality checked, and qualified products will be packaged. Plastic film packaging is usually used to protect the surface of the brick body and prevent the brick body from collision and damage during transportation.

The above is the general hollow brick production process. Each step needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that each link can meet the required quality standards. Through these process flows, hollow bricks with reliable quality and smooth appearance can be produced to meet the needs of construction projects.



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