Sound emitted from Wind Turbines

"We are currently in the process of going through the exercise with the 2KW and 3KW Exmork Turbines and have also asked the manufacturer for the same data.  the manager has indicated they will look into it on our behalf and will let us know shortly.

 What I can say however is that we have tried several makes of Asian Wind Turbines and the 2KW Exmork model is the quietest we have found to date as they have well formed Aerofoils and are generally well balanced.

Without having taken measurements, the 2KW Exmork is noticeably quieter than other turbines we have operating on our test site.

Depending on the data we receive back from Exmork we may in addition carry out our own Sound Pressure measurements on the 2KW system which we have been running performance tests on for some 8 months now, photo attached. Similar testing will be carried out on the 3KW systems we have on the water currently.

The Exmork turbines have three systems to control speed, there is an element of blade foil and the tail is designed to rotate the turbine out of the wind to control speed. The third is the turbine controller which uses a diversion load and electrical braking to control output and speed. Attached our data sheet on the 5KW turbine data and performance graph which highlights these controlling effects at higher wind velocities. I have not detected any tonal noise from the generator."



Barrie Carruthers

SolarWind Technologies Ltd.