HM-5KW TURBINE PUTS OUT 8.96KW in Michigan of USA


We have been having a lot of wind the past two days; my engineer was over last evening. We were doing the test you ask for and at one time we disconnected the batteries from the turbine. That apparently set in motion a series of self-test and we got over load, excessive charging and dump. Through out the evening we noticed that the controller functioned very well switching between charging and dumping. So we were very satisfied with the controller and turbine.


We have been having 40 and 50 mile per hour winds and I have been getting up to 30 amps of charging out of the unit. The controller reached 280 volts and with up to 32 amps of input.(The output power is 8.96KW)

 James C Lang Companies INC installs a HM-5KW Wind Turbine in
Michigan near Detroit