Exmork Wind Turbine make the consumer satisfied in New Zealand


Your equipment has arrived in good order and looks very good.

In the next few days I will review how we will install the 2K watt unit and have it erected as soon as possible.  On the surface of it it looks to be good quality which should sell well here in New Zealand.  It will be very interesting how it performs in comparison with another trial unit I have in the same area.

Remark: All exmork wind turbine insists in top quality because high wind speed is very dangerous if the turbine quality is poor.


Christmas holidays are out of the way at last and the crew are back on the job over here.

One of our first jobs is to erect our test tower for your 2KW wind charger. This was achieved today.  For your interest here are a few pictures. -

Beefed up re-enforcing is 3 metres long into a hole 3 metres deep and allowing 600mm to be above ground




The finished foundation adds another 0.6 metre to the height of the tower at nominal additional cost without effecting the overall strength of the tower.  Additional cement will be placed between the tower and the base following the levelling exercise.
















Turbine painted green to blend in with the country side.