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SPJ Solar Swimming Pool Pump

Product Numbers: 201712594931

Price: US $

Product description:solar well pump for irrigation and agriculture DC motor for solar panels


Product Feature

Solar submersible pumps is the efficient equipment to extract groundwater in applications

of agricultural irrigation, human and livestock water in plateau and mountain areas, etc.

1. Motor and shell made of stainless steel

2. Stainless steel shaft and coupling

3. High strength & wear resistance stainless steel impeller and diversion shell

4. Sand resistance, anti-rust, pollution-free, long life time

5. Small size, light and easy to ship

6. Easy installation and easy maintain

7. High efficient smart controller with multiple protections: over-temperature protection,

short-current protection, over-load and under-voltage protection. Safe and reliable to use.

Price includes pump with controller. Solar PV panels may be purchased separately.

SJD Solar Swimming Pump



solar array voltage 

solar array  Power

MAX. Flow M3/H

MAX. Head      M

MAX. Suct       M



































1. The quoted price including: Pump+MPPT controller+Accesories, WITHOUT SOLAR PANELS;

2. If solar panel needed, Pls kindly let us know, we will quote accordingly (But we suggest purchasing PV panles locally to  save high courier cost, further more, big size solar panels is  very fragile during delivery via express)

3. Free accessories including:

1. pump with 3meter cable

2. Pump controller,

3. spare parts:screw

4. Cable connector,

5. Water level sensor,

6. Rope: 10meter


Our solar DC water pumps are high quality products designed for domestic water supply, livestock drinking, agricultural irrigation, greenhouse applications, etc. The borehole pumps provide large volumes of water from different depth of borehole economically, without pollution, anywhere.

The pumps have been designed specifically to pump water from boreholes, rivers, lakers, ponds efficiently using solar power. Each system consists of a pump,MPPT controller, and other accessories like rotor, water level sensor, heat shrinkable tube, waterproof electrical tape. This modular concept keeps all electronics above ground providing, simple servicing, ease of access and a low cost of ownership.


Outlet:304 stainless steel

Pump body:304 stainless steel

Motor body:304 stainless steel

Screw:304 stainless steel



(1)  Selecting the solar panel of the pumping system

If you have not purchased a complete system from zonhan, the following formulae will be useful. Zonhan will be able to help you with panel selection.

a. Solar PV panel (solar panel) selection:

power of PV panels (watts) =Rated  power of pump (watts) x( 1. 3  ~ 1.6).

voltage of solar panel = Rated  voltage of pump (volt) x 1.5

the controller will already be matched to the pump by zonhan.

e.g.  A 300 watt pump needs a minimum of 390 watts of PV panels to drive it .(300w x 1.3 = 390w)

b. You may need combinations of panels, especially for the larger pumps. During connection of solar panels, you have to get the solar panels in series to reach the rated voltage of the pump, then in parallel to reach the rated current of the pump.

Panels in parallel double the current and the wattage of the panels

Panels in series double the voltage and the wattage of the panels.

e.g. 2 x 12V/ 100 W panels in parallel →    12 V/200W system

           2 x 12V/ 100 W  panels in series   →    24V/200W system.


(2) Selecting the battery of the pumping system

You will need to buy battery and battery controller, if you want to pump water when it is not sunny. Please note if you want to add batteries you will need an additional solar charge controller (not supplied in the kit) and you will need to double the number of PV panels. The extra PV panels are required to charge the batteries while the pump is pumping.

The cheapest option is to try and fill an elevated header tank or if you have no elevation locate the tank near a utility power supply so you can pump water from the tank using a mains powered pump.

You must use deep cycle batteries not car batteries. Deep cycle batteries are designed to take much lower continual discharges than regular car batteries. Deep cycle batteries normally have an “amp hour” rating shown as AH, for instance 100AH. Use the following formulas for calculating battery size required for backup.

Please note even with a deep cycle battery discharging it to a low level will shorten its life, this is why we use 60% as a discharge level.

Current drawn by the pump = pump power /the voltage.

In the case of a 24 volt 300 watt pump.

300 watts divided by 24 = 12.5 amps.

2 x 100AH 12volt batteries in series = 100 Ah at 24 volts.

100Ah divided by 12.5 amps x 0.6 = 4.8 hours of backup

Batteries in parallel, add the Ah, voltage stays the same.

Batteries in series, add the voltage, Ah stays the same.


(1)Function of solar pump controller box

Low voltage protection(It is automatic)

Over voltage protection(It is automatic)

a.    Over current protection(It is automatic)

b.    Protection for low water level in well (WC,WH sensors)

c.    Protection for full water level in tank (TC,TH sensors)

d.    Controlling running speed of motor (Speed regulator)

e.    Delay for restart working function (Timer regulator is to be set a period of rest time after the pump stops working from low water level protection in well)

f.     MPPT function. (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

g.    Battery. (Battery can be connected to the controller directly for storing electricity.)

(2) Wiring the controller box

Before you start wiring the control box, switch must be in the off position.

Wire the pump, panels to the control box as per the wiring diagram below. Both the pump and controller are labeled with “U”, ”V” and “W”. Make sure to be correspondingly connected and not touch with each other.

Pumps, controller boxes, solar panels, batteries, connection diagram

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